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Parent Teacher Meetings

Online Parent/Teacher meetings will take place through Microsoft Teams using your son/daughter’s Office 365 account. We have had overwhelming positive feedback from parents of our 2nd, 3rdyear and 5th years, whose online PTM took place last year. We will be in touch with more details sooner to the PTM.

Student to Student Advice
  • Make sure that you have a list of all your important teachers and what time you have arranged to see them at.
  • Make sure your parents know how to join the calls. Email your teacher if you cannot see their meeting on your Teams Calendar.
  • Make sure you are in time to each meeting as you don’t want to delay anybody
  • Have your questions planned out-Take down a list of the questions you want to ask instead of wasting time thinking during the meeting- you only have 5 minutes maximum
  • Sit with your parents so you can hear what is happening and the teachers can talk to you directly
  • Make sure your camera works
  • Make sure to be in a quiet space
Parent to Parent Advice
  • Do not be afraid- it’s the way forward, no queues or being overheard all done in the comfort of your own space.
  • Be ready to go, keep it short, 5 minutes is nothing for both teacher and parent to say or ask what they each need to.
  • Have a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed for the allotted times.
  • Talk to your child beforehand and have your questions prepared for each subject. If your Child’s view of their ability/experience in a subject differs from the teacher’s feedback, raise that with the teacher.
  • Have a pen and notebook to take notes.
  • Be prepared with questions to make most of time allotted.
  • Camera showing us was on when we joined and waited for teacher to come online but we didn’t realise for sometime that we had to switch camera back on for every new session.
  • Felt a lot comfortable and relaxed doing it. It wasn’t difficult.
  • Make sure that you have meetings on the Teams calendar for all of the teachers on your schedule. Let the teacher know if not.
  • The teachers you most want to see, make sure you have ranked them 1-3 on when choosing your teacher preferences. Otherwise you might not get to see them.
  • Try to get a place with good internet connection if possible. Otherwise the screen might freeze etc.
  • Stick strictly to the time schedule- otherwise you or the teacher will be late for another meeting and it will knock the whole schedule off.
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